Wednesday, January 20

Month: January 2018

BMW Reveals Sales Gain for December 2017

Recently, BMW Group revealed that the company saw a stellar United States sales performance in December, as the 34,253 BMW vehicles sold across the nation represent a 4.3 percent sales increase over the the 32,835 vehicles sold during December of 2016. For all of 2017, . BMW sold a total of 305,685 vehicles to United States customersBMW noted that the the month''''s results were due in no small part to the BMW 5 Series sedan''''s performance, as 4,743 of the sedans were sold during December to result in a sales gain of 124 percent. Other vehicles delivering noteworthy December results were the BMW X5 which increased 10 percent on 6,847 vehicles sold, and the BMW X1, which enjoyed sales of 4,454 vehicles for a 6.4 percent jump. Customer demand for the high-quality BMW Certified Pr...