Crypto Retail PoS Developer to Distribute 100,000 Machines Globally by 2021

Zac Cheah, the CEO at Pundi X, a crypto PoS (point-of-sale) machine manufacturer and developer, has said that the global cryptocurrency sector will be equipped with more than 100,000 crypto PoS machines by 2021.
In an interview with ZDNet Korea, Cheah said:
“In the next three years, at least 100,000 crypto PoS machines will be distributed. In the past six months, merchants have requested 25,000 crypto PoS machines from Pundi X.”
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Free Coins: NEO Partners with ONT for a $40M Airdrop

NEO token holders are going to receive $40 million dollars worth of ONT tokens in a free airdrop.
NEO and ONT are both blockchain projects based out of China and have their roots tied to Onchain, a Shanghai-based blockchain R&D company. Ontology has recently launched its main network, along with projects like TRON and EOS, and has migrated from being an NEP-5 token on the NEO blockchain to its own asset.
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Stellar (XLM): The Lobstr iOS Wallet Has Arrived

Lobstr is a widely-used cryptocurrency wallet for Stellar (XLM), and its super easy-to-use user interface and clean look have made it one of the most liked cryptocurrency wallets out there. Before today, it was only an Android-enabled app – iPhone and iPad users were helpless. Until today, that is, when the iOS app finally launched:

LOBSTR iOS Wallet is now available for download in the Apple App Store:
Get one of the first @StellarOrg apps on App Store now! 🍏+🚀=❤️
Don’t forget to leave your honest review 👍
— Lobstr (@Lobstrco) July 10, 2018

Now, if you are the kind of cryptocurrency holder that finds herself or himself sending Stellar (XLM) coins across international borders, you can do so on Apple devices.
Have you guys tried out this new wallet app yet?
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Listings Roundup: Crypto Exchanges Getting New Coins this Week

Even though the cryptocurrency market is wildly unpredictable, constantly zigging when we expect it to be zagging, there are some moments in a coin’s lifecycle that typically lead to a boost in its price tag. When mainnets launch, when crypto teams officially rebrand with a freshly redesigned image, when a celebrity tweets about it, etc.
One big even that has oftentimes served as a boon to a coin’s price is a listing on a new exchange. Getting added to one of the top exchanges, meaning one of the marketplaces where the heaviest crypto trading volumes are reached daily, will almost always generate way more buzz (and way more price increase) than if they are added to a younger, less-trafficked exchange.
But, while you are checking out new listings, make sure you keep in mind that these types of events don’t always send a particular cryptocurrency’s price skyrocketing – and can often have quite the opposite effect.
Anyway, here are some upcoming listings that will happen in the next week:
On Monday, July 9, Aurora (AOA) is coming to CoinEgg with these pairings: AOA/BTC, AOA/ETH and AOA/USDT.
IHT Real Estate Protocol (IHT) will be added to AllBit on the same day, July 9, 2018.
Also on Monday, Tokenomy (TEN) is arriving on LBank Exchange:

#TEN will be listed on @LBank_Exchange, Top 10 Global Exchange! Starting from 4PM GMT+8 on July 9, #TEN can be traded on LBank!Token #deposits will start at 4PM GMT+8 on July 7Supported trading pair: $TEN / $USDT
Find out more about #LBank here:
— TOKENOMY (@tokenomy) July 6, 2018

The following day, on Tuesday, July 10, Skrumble Technologies (SKM) will be coming to Coinbene:

HEY EVERYONE! We have another BIG announcement! 🎉On July 10 we will be listed on yet another #exchange; @Coin_Bene 🚀This is a TOP 10 global exchange listed on @CoinMarketCap, and they keep climbing higher and higher everyday! Stay tuned! #SKM
— Skrumble Technologies Inc (@SkrumbleHQ) July 4, 2018

Oyster (PRL) is heading to Coinsuper (first paired with BTC) sometime during the week, but we don’t have a specific date at the moment.

$PRL to be listed on @Coinsuper_OFCL on the week of July 9th. Initial trading pair will be PRL/BTC. #cryptocurrencynews #cryptocurrencies #ethereum #IOTA
— Oyster Protocol (@OysterProtocol) July 5, 2018

So, there they are. I hope at least one of those announcements piqued the interest of some of the fans or soon-to-be buyers of any of those coins – or at least some current users of those exchanges. Happy trading!
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The Bounty0x (BNTY) Beta Launch is (Almost) Here

Bounty0x (BNTY), the decentralized bounty management platform, is about to start its beta testing phase. Originally, the beta launch was set to start today, July 7th, but has been pushed back two days so that “the entire team is available when the new platform is released.” Now, the event will kick off on Monday, July 9th.
The team behind this coin already racked up more than $6 million worth of bounties and tested with more than 22,000 bounty hunters.
Unlike within the alpha version, the version to be released on Monday will feature a brand new role that they haven’t rolled out yet: Bounty Sheriffs. They explain what this new person does in the blog post announcing the details of the beta launch:
Bounty Sheriffs stake BNTY to obtain the right of reviewing submissions made by Hunters. If a submission is verified correctly, Sheriffs will receive a fixed amount of BNTY credited to their wallet, if, however, a submission is verified incorrectly, the Sheriff will lose the staked BNTY.
The BNTY used to reward Sheriffs is purchased from the open market by the Bounty Host that posted the bounty. 
Apart from the addition of the Bounty Sheriff to the platform, the beta version will also feature BNTY staking to review submissions, Optional Bounty Hunter KYC (know your client), Reddit and Multimask integration, as well as general improvements and bug fixes.
Anyone who is excited for this test version will still need to wait until the beginning of next year for the full-blown network to launch, which is expected to have a lot of other additional bonus features on top of what they’re already testing.
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ChainZilla Has New Komodo (KMD) Paper Wallets

When it comes to trading cryptocurrency in-person or using phone and tablet apps, paper wallets come in extremely handy – it’s also a really easy way to not have your wallet address floating around out there by saving it in a word document or something like that. If you are using an app that allows you to transfer your funds by allowing your transaction partner to scan a QR code, it’s a really easy process.
ChainZilla decided to up its game and re-do its Komodo (KMD) paper wallets. Here is the result:

If you have some Komodo (KMD) coins, and you want to store them in paper wallet form – go check it out here.
By using this ChainZilla feature, you can generate your own unique KMD passphrase and address.
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Game of Thrones Fans: The IronCoin (IRC) AirDrop is Starting

It’s not that hard to find a Game of Thrones watcher – if you throw a stone, you will hit three or four on any given street. It’s a great, well-produced fantasy series that has been considered to be one of the top HBO series of all time (by me, at least).
Now, I don’t own any of these tokens, but I think it’s a pretty fun idea: a cryptocurrency that’s totally based on the fictional world so many of us are already familiar with. It’s called IronCoin (IRC), and it’s the “token of the Iron Bank of Braavos.”
This ERC-20 token is kicking off an airdrop event tomorrow, July 5th, and it will last until August 1st (or until they reach 5,000 participants).

Be aware!!! Airdrop is coming !!! #IRONCOIN #IRC $IRC #AIRDROP
— IRONCOIN (@myironcoin) June 20, 2018

Up to 5,000,000 IRC tokens will be distributed with a maximum of a thousand per coinholder, and you need to follow the instructions to participate – which you can see by clicking the link below. It’s basically just a few social media tasks.
You can check out all the relevant details on the blog post that the IronCoin (IRC) team published on their official Medium Page.
Remember to be careful with your wallet addresses out there, and do your own research before participating in any airdrop event. I promise, by the old gods and the new, that you can’t be too careful with your crypto funds online.
Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

Level01 (LVX): The Next Evolution in Derivatives Trading

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Trust certainly doesn’t mean what it used to. These days, we trust more institutions and organizations than we realize. When we buy and sell goods on Amazon or Alibaba, we are putting a lot of faith into a third party to facilitate our daily trade and commerce. When we make financial transactions or use stock trading platforms, there are a number of firms and ….. that we rely on to fully execute our decisions – even if we don’t know that they’re involved.
Regardless of whether or not we wanted it this way to begin with, massive corporations have monetized our trust in a very significant way. It’s not something we think about on a day-to-day basis, but it’s something that the cryptocurrency market is making society rethink completely.
With the blockchain revolution, innovators have been finding new, disruptive ways of redefining what trust means, and have developed some truly remarkable technologies that allow us to move closer to a trustless market – where we rely on reliable, straightforward networks to help us achieve these things (instead of putting all our faith and money into the hands of corporate middlemen).
Level01 (LVX) is one of those industry-disrupting endeavors, and it’s poised to completely shift derivatives trading as we know it.
What is Level01 (LVX)?
By leveraging blockchain and cryptocurrency technology along with machine learning (artificial intelligence), Level01 (LVX) is bringing about a new paradigm in derivatives trading that gives consumers what financial brokerages currently can’t: total fairness and transparency.

Blockchain is enabling technology that has given us a new, evolved form of trustless peer-to-peer technology so that any digital asset – or asset that can be digitalized – can be sent across the world in a moment’s notice. Rather than relying on third-party middlemen to facilitate transactions, we can now depend on distributed ledger technology to reliably execute these kinds of exchanges. It’s exactly the type of technology that Level01 (LVX) has combined with AI to bring us a trustless derivatives trading platform.
The Next Step in the Evolution of Derivatives Trading Software
Level01 (LVX) allows investors to freely trade derivatives from a variety of assets – from cryptocurrencies and commodities to stocks, forex, and indices. The platform features live-streamed data and interactive charts that keep traders fully informed, on top of a multitude of analysis and charting tools for users with more experience.
This app’s proprietary user interface is sleek and easy to navigate, making peer-to-peer exchange on the network a breeze. It is built to effectively get rid of all forms of friction in the user experience that plague conventional exchanges – like fund withdrawals/deposits, multi-tier ID verification, and (Ethereum-supporting) wallet security. On top of that, its automated trade settlement on the blockchain is combined with AI analytics that give users fair value pricing dynamically to P2P counterparties in a trade using current and retrospective market data.
It’s a pretty interesting up-and-comer, and there is a lot of depth to this project. You can check out more about this upcoming platform here.
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The Dragon Coin (DRG) Wallet App is Almost Here

Sometimes coin launch events actually coincide with actual boosts in prices of a particular coin – and we think we can see one happening right now. Dragon Coin (DRG) is trading up nearly 15% from its 24-hour ago price right now, most likely in the lead-up to its wallet app launch on both iOS and Android.

Don’t forget we launch iOS with Android of The #DRGSocial Wallet App on 2nd July 🙌🏼🐉 #WeAreDragon–––Register to the #DRGXOfficial website and benefit from DRG VIP treatment…
— Dragon___Official (@DragonCoin) June 25, 2018

Not to be confused with DragonChain (DRGN), this project’s digital/fiat trading open beta just launched a couple of days ago:

DRGX OPEN BETA IS HERE! Don’t not miss out on the opportunity to be one of the first people in the world to try our exclusive open Beta of our game changing Dragon Exchange platform!🐉🐉 Visit NOW! 🐉🐉
— Dragon___Official (@DragonCoin) June 28, 2018

It’s something you can check out if you are interested in trying out this little-known coin’s beta trading platform. They’re also doing some Formula 3 ticket giveaways if that’s something that you’re into.
Remember, guys, invest at your own risk. If you want to participate in testing out any of this stuff, make sure you are staying safe online, protecting your identities, and doing your own thorough research before diving in.
Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

The ReddCoin (RDD) Beta Release Will Be Delayed 1 Week

If you’ve been patiently waiting for ReddCoin (RDD) to release their public Beta platform, unfortunately you’ll have to wait a bit longer.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with this cryptocurrency, we’ve covered it a few times before – mainly because it’s a blockchain-based project that we think a lot of people would and could actually use. It’s one of those platforms that would make mass adoption for at least one type of cryptocurrency a realistic possibility.
What is ReddCoin (RDD), you ask? It’s essentially a way for social media users on multiple platforms (such as Twitter and Facebook) to be able to send their friends on those networks RDD tokens without any fees. It would be embedded into those platforms, so that sending people coins would be super easy.
If you are one of the people hoping to see how the beta tests of this platform work out, you will – sadly – have to wait around until July 8th. Why?
Well, there are some issues that have led the team to decide that the private beta release needs about an extra week – so they can fix some issues before the public beta launch can happen.
Here is what they say about it:
“Testing revealed that our back-end needs to be made more robust and secure to accommodate the load from anticipated users. It has also revealed that while ID registration on the blockchain may be succeeding, the extension itself is having difficulty showing the right information to users to enable that process. We need to resolve both of these issues, and some other minor ones, including some encountered with Reddit’s just-released new design before we can be comfortable with the ReddHead community at large using and relying on an extension that will contain real funds. It is critical to us that the extension be as solidly built and reliable as possible, and for that reason, we need a bit more time to make the required updates and changes.”
It is all discussed by the team in this Reddit post – so take a look if you are interested.
Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.