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The Butler Technologies New Product Development Process

Printed Electronics Product Development Process

Here we describe our New Product Development process for working with Butler Technologies Inc.
Learn how we can collaborate to move your ideas from concept through innovation into production.
The Butler Technologies New Product Development Process.
Starting a new product from scratch.
Below is our 12-step process for working together .
Together we create new products and experiences .
Step 1: Initial Conversation .
The process begins with your need.

Reach out and talk to our team at Butler Technologies

We’ll guide you through the process of working with us.

Step 2: Non-Disclosure Agreement

We want to protect your ideas and designs.

We’ll execute a mutual NDA so that we can talk freely about your project

Step 3: Introductory Call with the R&D Team

This will be the first discussion between the two teams that will be developing your project.
We will learn about y our company and review your project objectives.
Step 4: Feasibility Study.

The BTI team will evaluate the project

Does the project require materials research, testing or design assistance, etc.

Does the project fit the BTI scope

Once we have enough information, we will follow up to determine next steps.
Step 5: Submit Proposal.

We will develop a Statement of Work and the project deliverables

You’ll know the project’s costs, terms, and timeline.
Step 6: Proposal Accepted.

Once the financials and the Terms & Conditions are finalized and agreed upon

the contract is accepted.

Step 7: Finalize Technical Requirements

Here is our opportunity to review your project specifications and discuss any open items prior to ordering materials.

Step 8: Submit Design for Approval

You will receive an approval drawing and any relevant CAD files detailing the design

This is your opportunity to review and make changes.
Approval drawings are reviewed and signed off.
This begins the project timeline.
Step 9: Procurement & Scheduling.
At this point in the process, tools and materials are ordered.
The production job is scheduled and the production process begins.
Step 10: Prototype Production.
The parts are manufactured to your specifications.
The parts are inspected, tested, packaged and shipped to your location.
Step 11: Customer Validation.
Once parts are received, they should be inspected and approved.
If further innovation or design improvements are required, we can re-start the new product development process.
Step 12: Full Scale Production.
Once the ideal product has been approved, we will move your project into full-scale production.
Let’s make your concept a reality.
Get started today!.
Learn the process for working with us on your next project.
We want to learn about you and your products.
Project Phases.
We begin by working with you to understand your project.
Discussing potential designs and specifications for your project.
We believe in collaboration.
Listening and understanding are particularly important during the early phases of development.
This allows us to be more effective and positively impact your project.
True collaboration leads to innovation.
We’ve developed some of our best results when we work together with you.
Once we have developed the project requirements, this is the stage where we will quote your project.
We are always upfront with our processes, materials, and method for manufacture.
We believe that by being upfront about the project garnishes trust and creates a partnership.
Once the quote has been accepted, the next step is prototyping and testing your product.
We can prototype any quantity your project needs.
We can produce anything from small prototype runs to mid-sized pilot runs for production trials or field trials.
Speed and responsiveness are key to being effective in this stage of a project.
It’s important for us to respond quickly and communicate with openness and honesty.
Quick design iterations are critical to project success.
Iteration, Innovation & Improvement are crucial to developing the perfect product.
We are eager to push the envelope of what is capable with today’s technology.
We embrace technically challenging projects.
Whether it’s something we have done before or looking to forge new ground, we enjoy the challenge.
Through collaboration, we enjoy creating new methods, ideas, and products.
Once the design is ready, we can begin production.
Knowing the right design, the best process, and manufacturing methods, we can take your product into full-scale production.
We can produce your product here at our facility in Butler, Pennsylvania regardless of the scale.
We have the machinery, equipment, and experience to launch your product.
Together we create solutions.

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