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Hosted on the Salesforce Lightning Platform


Software Solutions  ClaimVantage provides global insurance carriers

TPAs, and large employers with industry-leading software for managing life, health and absence claims efficiently and securely.
Built on Salesforce, our highly configurable and intuitive cloud-native software is developed and updated by industry experts, providing you with regular enhancements to keep on top of market changes and industry  development s.
Our solutions are fully integrated and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, helping you minimize fraud, streamline operations, and improve  productivity , while saving on implementation costs.
How Can You Benefit from our.

Software Solutions      Speed to Market

The  ClaimVantage  software solutions are designed to provide you with a robust software solution, which is configurable throughout the life cycle of a claim.
We do the coding on the back end, so you don’t have to.
Learn more about our approach to product  development  .  This flexibility provides you with a more cost-effective way to make changes to your business, without relying on internal IT.
For example, self-service workflows em power  your systems administrators to edit or add new workflow sets to automate processes, quickly and effectively without IT assistance.
New lines of business can be easily configured to support the growth of  your business .

Leverage the Salesforce Ecosystem
Our software solutions are native to the Salesforce Lightning Platform
Both ClaimVantage and Salesforce roll out software releases 3 times a year

so not only do you get a best-in-class claim management platform, but you can leverage Salesforce’s innovative products as well as other enterprise applications available on the AppExchange.
Efficient Claim  Management .
Reduce operational effort and increase efficiency by an average of 30% using our range of  software solutions .
Our software solutions digitally transform  your business  by:  Removing paper files from the claims process.
Replacing manual workarounds with automated workflows and tasks.
Reducing the number of systems a claim assessor must access.
Better Flow of  Information .
Claim management software often sits in the back office, supporting the product, sales, and customer service teams.
To ensure this ecosystem is in sync, we provide integration with external technology systems, improving the flow of information throughout your business.
Hosted on the Salesforce Lightning Platform, our software solutions leverage the underlying architecture to easily integrate with your external systems using APIs.

Data can be imported or exported to ClaimVantage

ensuring all information can be accessed in one central location.
Depending on the volume of data and the frequency of change, we can recommend the best type of integration for you and your business.          Empowered Decision Making.
Everything your team needs to process claims is accessible on one platform, empowering them to make better decisions, in a more timely manner.
Our claimant-centric solution provides all claimant information on one screen, improving the customer experience.
Our built-in online help and end-user documentation ensure new team members are onboarded quickly and have access to everything they need to effectively administer claims.
Data-driven Insights.
A key strength of the underlying Salesforce platform is its reporting and dashboards capability.
Although each of our products has a number of pre-configured reports, the easy-to-use interface allows you to create ad-hoc reports using drag and drop capability.
Reports can be created to filter and summarize data in real-time.
To further improve your business insights, you can save and share reports and dashboards with other users, according to specified permission sets.
Reduced Cost of Ownership.
Moving to a multi-tenant platform reduces both short-term and long-term costs.
Implementation costs for cloud-based technology can work out as much as 60% less than a traditional installation.  And with no in-house data servers to maintain, you will see extensive cost savings long term.
Claim Management      Claims     Absence Management      Absence     Accommodation Management      Accommodations     IDAM      IDAM               You’ve Got to See It.
To Believe It.

Request a Demo            Claim Management Software

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