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Bp Send me a quote

Specialist – Bp

Bp has a proud pedigree and new resources for an even more feature rich future

For well over a decade Bp has served the software needs of Australian and New Zealand Specialists under the banner of, providing a special brand of personal, customised support throughout all phases of consultation, installation and ongoing  maintenance .
Now this highly flexible program is backed by the  development  and support resources of Australasia’s leading medical software organisation, Best Practice.
Look to Bp for innovative solutions to the data and  communication  needs of your Specialty.

Customised workflow – Medical Desktop designed with you

for you                                                                        Design your own screens, choose how and where you want to display information, including links to websites                                                                        Draw onto a tablet screen and view on the Medical Desktop.
Draw over your own pre-set images, highlighting sites for more detailed medical notes                                                                        Graph any numerical dataover time                                                                                                                    Suitable for multiple site practices                                         Sending medical reports, letters and accounts via multiple channels (RSD, post, fax and email) with one click                                         Large library of medical device interfaces                                                                                             DIY Kiosk function for patients’ data entry on arrival                                         SMS reminders with replies directly to your Appointment Book to eliminate the costs and disruptions of No Shows                                         Tailored deployment and training options to suit you and your staff                                                                                             DICOM work list and storage                                         MIMS™  integration                                                                                                                                                                Great Support – always talk to a real person.
We have teams in New Zealand and Australia waiting to take your call on 1300 40 1111 in Australia or 0800 40 1111 in New Zealand                                                                                                                                            • Full online claiming including Eclipse• Online appointment booking• Tyro™  integration • Electronic MBS updates• Electronic Heath Fund fee updates• Day Surgery theatre billing• Day Surgery reporting• SNOMED CT, ICD-10 and Orchard Coding                                         • SNOMED CT coding• Hospice Episodes of Care recording• SNOMED CT, ICD-10 and Read v3 coding• ACC Read2 coding• ACC45 submitting and billing via eLodgement and eSchedule                                                             Pricing.
1st Licence.
2-4 Concurrent  Licences .
5+ Concurrent  Licences .
50+ Concurrent  Licences .
Integrated SMS Solution                                                        Appointment  Reminders.
Track Patient  Communication .
Discounts Available.
Large Practices.
Multiple Sites.
Multiple Locations.
Multiple Providers.
Note: Each new site requiring Bp is subject to a deployment roll-out and this may incur additional one-off costs.
For a tailored quote, please contact us using the form below.                                       Request a Quote or Demo.
Bp (CRM).

Uses Dynamics feed to connect to CRM

First Name.
Last Name.
Business Name.
CategoryCategorySalesTrainingVendor Partner IntegrationSoftware DevelopmentGeneral Enquiry.
Bp          Send me a quote.
I would like more information.
Send me the latest SMS offers.
Tell us a bit more.

Prof Paul McCartney, Hobart Eye Surgeons

“VIP is an significant part of our practice as we use the full integrated platform of appointment diary (over 3 sites), image management, EMR and billing package.
It works very well and is a great saving in staff and efficiency over the days when we had paper based records.
The support team is responsive and professional, and our latest updates have all gone very smoothly.”.
For Bp Support, .

Talk to us on 1300 40 1111 in Australia or 0800 40 1111 in New Zealand

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