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Uncategorized Improving my Oklahoma City home

Category: Uncategorized . Un categorized Improving my Oklahoma City home. By. April 12, 2015. After purchasing our home I did a lot of research to find improvements and modifications that had a high (& quick) ROI in regards to making our home more energy efficient and lower the cost of maintenance . One thing that irked me about this process was the feeling of “that’s great, but how does it apply to my specific situation?” So I’ve put this short guide together to help others in my community (the Pleasant Grove addition in OKC). The community I live in was built along OG&E’s “Positive Energy Home” guidelines, which really doesn’t mean much other than houses are built to code + a little extra insulation. These aren’t LEED certified buildings just standard constructio...

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Tag Archives: ICT Teachmeet Blackpool, where next?. January 25, 2010 Uncategorized Last Thursday I attended Teachmeet Blackpool at Hawes Side primary school. Teachers, Jim Maloney of Hawes Side and Tom Sale of Mereside were the movers and shakers and managed to get a great attendance from local primary schools. As usual it was good to renew acquaintances with colleagues such as Peter Rafferty from Green Park, […] 7 Comments Continue Reading → ...

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Blog. Let IT Experts Focus On Computers, Records, Data, While You Focus On Treating Patients. 23-04-20. By: RayMata01. Category: Uncategorized . 0 comment. Doctors and other professionals work hard and dedicate a lot of time and effort in completing their education. It is obvious that after spending years in training and then finally becoming eligible to put their skills to use by helping patients become healthier, they would want a practice that is full of people who’re looking to live healthier lives by… Read More Keep Systems at Your Medical Facility up & Running with Compuwork’s Top-Notch Help Desk Services. ...

Universal Combat CE 2.00.05 has been released on Steam

Steam Summer Sales Universal Combat CE 2.00.05 Steam Autumn Sales On November 23, 2017, in Uncategorized, by 3000ad The Steam Autumn sale (through to Nov 28) is here. Now is your chance to get all our games at huge discounts. If you enjoyed this article, please consider sharing it. A new Universal Combat TCL dev status update is up There''s a new Line Of Defense dev blog Universal Combat TLC dev status update Universal Combat CE 2.00.05 has been released on Steam. Latest Universal Combat CE dev status is online . Email. © 2020 3000AD.